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Potential Survey.

Dapat ba gwapo?
-it’s okay if not so gwapo basta madala rag mall. LOL

-definitely. a must!

Preferred age?
-i would prefer any age basta not so old. for me, maturity matters more.

Preferred height?
-5’7 above.

How about sense of humor?
-is a necessity. LOL

How about piercings?

Accepts you for who you are?
-hala lain sad kaayu if dili cya mu-accept. gubot jud. LOL

Pink hair?
-no lang beh. very kiwaw if ever.

Mushy or no?
-any will do.

Thin or fat?
-i prefer him to be thin. but fat people are always welcome. *giggle*

Moreno or chinito or mestizo?

Long hair or short hair?

Plastic or metal?
-ha? i want a human being. LOL

Smells good?
-of course. i won’t be dating garbage.

-no no no!

-only on special occasions.

Boy-next-door type?
-yes but not necessarily.

Musically inclined?
-i would love that.

Plays piano?
-that would be cool. he can teach me how to play one.

Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
-guitar! way more better then piano.

Plays violin?
-nah! too gay to function. LOL

Sings very good?
-not a requirement. basta dili amang, payts ra!


With glasses?
-not a requirement. basta dili lang buta, sunggaban ra na nako.

With braces?
-that would be okay as long as it does not interfere with you know… *blush*

Shy type?
-kapal muks kay mas better. but shy type will do.

Rebel or good boy?
-good boy.

Active or passive?

Tight or bomb?

Singer or dancer?


-pwede ra jud if dili.

-no no no.


Mr. Count-My-Ex-Girlfriends-Until-You-Drop?


-not necessarily.

Mr. Love Letter?

-yes. the type of guy who does sweet /stupid nothings just to get my attention. LOL


Poem writer?
-not a requirement.


Campus crush?
-i’d prefer a person with low profile. but if hatagan og campus crush kay why not? LOL.

-okay lang.



Computer games geek? Or internet freak?

Speaks 20 languages?
-that would be awesome!

Loyal o faithful?



1. You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
2. You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!

Danced on a table in a bar?


Ever told a lie?


Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back?


Ever kissed someone of the same sex?


Kissed a picture?


Slept in until 5 PM?


Fallen asleep at work/school?


Held a snake?


Been suspended from school?


Worked at a fast food restaurant?


Stolen from a store?


Been fired from a job?


Done something you regret?


Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?


Caught a snowflake on your tongue?


Kissed in the rain?


Sat on a roof top?


Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?


Shaved your head


Slept naked?


Had a boxing membership?


Made your boyfriend/girlfriend cry?


Been in a band?

-Guilty. LOL

Shot a gun?


Donated Blood?


Eaten alligator meat?


Eaten cheesecake?


Still love someone you shouldn’t?


Have/had a tattoo?


Liked someone, but will never tell who?


Been too honest?


Ruined a surprise?


Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you cant walk afterwards?


Erased someone in your friends list?


Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if your a guy) or man’s clothes (if your a girl)?


Joined a pageant?


Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?


Had communication w/ your ex?


DATING Someone?


Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning?


A total stranger treat you by paying your jeepney fare?


Get totally angry that you cried so hard?


[04/19/10 8:17] WTF?

“I took this crash course so that I will have something to do this summer and hopefully by July, I will be taking my master’s degree in medical -surgical nursing in CNU.”

This is the exact statement i answered when asked why I was taking Professional Education.


Something to do this summer? It’s the most stupid answer ever! My other classmates took the course to be able to broaden their employment opportunities, some to fulfill a requirement and others mostly wants to be a teacher. My answer sounded like crap compared to theirs.

so, i just finished my teaching demo with a nursing school in gorordo avenue. i thought it went pretty well. again, i felt that i was needed, i was a necessity. i felt i was important and most of all it felt good that i was acting like an expert in the profession. sure, it started out to be rocky stupid. i mean, my fellow applicants had their teaching demo in a powerpoint presentation along with formal attires and shiny leather shoes. and then here comes a guy who just wore jeans, polo shirt paired with dirty old rubber shoes bringing along bond papers as his visual aids in the demo. yep, that guy was me. i thought to myself that this was going to be a complete disaster. i will be humiliating myself, AGAIN!

my plan never really turned out to be successful. i never did show the faculty how intelligent i was (because i really think i am, LOL). i was never even given the chance to at least finish my lecture demo. but nonetheless, i thought that it was destined to be that way. my demo turned out to be an oral revalida of almost anything related to nursing— from cardiology to pulmonology; from suctioning to plain teaching strategies. let me tell  you something. back then in college, i love revalidas. it was the time where in i cram a lot— this is something i don’t usually do because i can’t seem to put everything inside my head on a hurry. anyways, i love oral revalidas! i get a chance to show my clinical instructors how knowledgeable i am. from research to medical-surgical nursing, you name it, i can tell you something about it. it was the time were i felt both the pressure and pleasure of being a nursing student. the pressure is in studying like at least 3 books per subject in just 1 day but it is always a pleasure when you sit there and answer the teacher’s question with confidence paired with correct answers.

often times i use a lot of techniques in order to get around questions that i can’t explain very well or i can’t even answer. i have to do all these crap just to get ahead. hahaha. but mind you, it actually works! here are some of those craps:

1. “the non-poker face”

it is when your face looks like you know the answer. it is the face of confidence. just like in a battle, you don’t have to let your enemy know that you’re losing or you are struggling. just act as confident as you possibly can– no stuttering, no “uhms”, looking the opponent straight in the eye, spontaneity and of course you have to make your “answer” sound like “the answer!”

2. “the superiority complex”

before even trying this, you actually have to know the background of the teacher. this works best for teachers who you think is not very intelligent, LOL. scare him off with your superiority! frighten him with your confidence. be bold! be over confident! act like you are the expert! this actually works 45% of the time. not that big of a chance of working, but it is worth a shot.

3. “the power of intimidation”

this works especially if your teacher knows that you are intelligent. if you are known to be smart. i do this all the time. LOL

4. “the body language”

use as much as body language that you can possibly utilize. hand gestures, postures, positioning, etc. try hard to divert your teacher’s attention with your gestures and not with your stupid answers. you can even make inappropriate chikas about showbiz or the latest school gossip when the situation needs for it. LOL

5.”playing dumb”

if you can’t pull off any of the four above. then you can use this technique. this is especially useful for subjects you haven’t had enough time to review or for those subjects that doesn’t interest you. you can start by having a poker face or you can just do the puppy dog eyes crap. convince your teacher that you are really having a hard time studying this subject and request/ hope that he gives you the easiest question. not really a big fan of this.

FYI, i’ve done all five. and it actually works. I got a 1.12 average for my oral revalidas. but of course, it also pays to study and to pray to God for luck and guidance.

back to the teaching demo. i was standing there. in front of the whole faculty trying to explain the guidelines to follow when suctioning. then suddenly, i was bombarded with all these question not related to my demo. some i answered, some i used my strategies. hahahahaha. (i hope it worked). the result of the demo is yet to be announced. i’m crossing my fingers that the result would be great. if not, then i’m just going to get a life and  find another job.

And not in a good way. I really hate it when you get very excited to see someone and end up sitting in a bookshop staring at books that you don’t have the slightest of interest. And then when you are just ready to leave, tada! they suddenly appear. I know I don’t have the right to get angry or anything,  I mean it’s the fuckin’ network’s fault but maybe I was a little bit mad because this incident already happened a million times in the past. After our 10 minute stroll around the mall. I decided not to go to dinner with them. I decided not to stay. I left. And surprisingly, I was happy with my decision.

I went inside the 12G jeepney and had a 25 minute ride home. In that 25 minutes, I thought of a lot of things. Okay a lot maybe an exaggeration. I only have 8. Here is the list:

  1. I will try my very best not to hate my F.R.I.E.N.D.S so much. No any other explanation needed.
  2. When deciding for something big/important in your life, never ask the opinion of your friends or better yet, don’t let them get in the way of things. I’ve learned this the hard way. I can’t even let it out yet. The anger, the rage I felt after my bestfriend left me to proceed to another profession in a different college. The mere fact that she was the one who made me change my mind from taking up accountancy into taking up nursing makes me angry especially during nowadays that people don’t give a crap about nurses. I feel so betrayed. So to recapitulate, ask advice only from yourself, from your parents, from your siblings, neighbors (?) but never from your friends.
  3. Never ever forget to pay your debts. Friends and money don’t mix.
  4. Everything happens for a reason. You may not understand it now but you eventually will. When I got home from that horrible meet up with my friends, my mother cooked the most delicious dinner in the whole wide world. This example is not really the best one but you get my point.
  5. The time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time. And by that, I mean my being bum for the summer.
  6. I can’t wait to go to my room and watch Desperate Housewives.
  7. Sleeping is nice. You forget everything even just for a little while.
  8. And lastly, the person at my right side is totally flaming hot. LOL

That’s it.

Maybe I will be watching a little porn movie after my DH marathon.

5 out of 10.

Here is an article (???) I stumbled earlier while browsing tumblr. I find this really funny mainly because I have a friend who I think is very gay and after reading this write up, I can truly say that he is in fact a fag. LOL (Just look at numbers 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9). I especially love the X-Men factor. Enjoy reading.

10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Gay

10. The Bathroom Rituals

Pay attention to his grooming habits. Notice how he meticulously does his hair. Try to find out how he chose the grooming products he owns. An average guy doesn’t care about what brand or what type of products he uses. Is he particularly interested in top designer shoes and other accessories? Another warning sign is the time he spends inside the bathroom. If he takes longer than you do, that may be a sign that he’s batting for the other team.

9. The Diva Fanaticism

People always consider gay guys to be fans of many divas. If your boyfriend likes listening to divas such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and (God forbid) Cher, then he might be one flaming gay man. Have you ever seen your boyfriend listening to any of these divas’ records? Or worse, have you ever heard him singing any of their songs? And if he indeed sings their songs, does he do it in falsetto? If your answer is yes, then that could be a sign.

8. The Beauty Pageant Obsession

For some reason, gay guys love watching beauty pageants, as far as stereotypes are concerned. These events are a celebration of beauty and glamor that many gay people really value. Of course, your boyfriend won’t let his fascination with beauty pageants be known, but if you really want to know, here’s a quick tip. While talking about another topic, ask this question out of the blue: “Oh by the way, who was the 1999 Miss Universe?” If he is able to give you an answer, be scared. Be very scared. Gay people often also love awards shows such as the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, the Grammys and many others.

7. The Shifty Eyes

Another excellent way to know if your boyfriend is gay is by simply observing his eyes. Yep, it’s all in the eyes. The next time you two are walking in a mall or around a local park with numerous people, notice how his eyes move. Some gay people let their eyes wander and jump from one guy to another. Notice how he shifts his vision when a hot man passes by. If his eyes are shifty when he is around men, he might be gay.

6. The Urinal Dilemma

A closeted gay man also feels uncomfortable and uneasy around straight guy friends as he tries hard not to show his concealed sexuality. In a public men’s room, a closeted gay man is also uncomfortable using any empty urinal when other straight men are using the ones near his. Often, instead of using the urinals, he would go inside a cubicle and just pee into the toilet bowl.

5. The Oprah Quotes

Gay men, whether out or closeted, are inspired by many gay people who have proven their worth in history. There is just pure pride and sense of accomplishment that many gay guys feel when someone gay is able to achieve something. This can be evident in his in-depth knowledge about these things. Can he last even five minutes without quoting Oscar Wilde? Does he keep on stressing out that Alexander the Great was gay and that he was in love with his best friend? Does he always talk about how Oprah did something amazing? Okay, Oprah is not gay, but many gay people love her.

4. The X-Men Factor

Do you play video games with your boyfriend? If so, you’ll be glad that there is also a way of knowing if he is guy just by looking at his character choices. Many gay men would pick a female character in a game with a versus mode. For example, in X-Men, Storm is a gay man’s favorite. It has not been proven whether there is a psychological explanation for this, but it is a trend. If your boyfriend chooses a male character, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe. Cyclops is also often a gay man’s pick because, well, he is extremely hot. And he abhors Jean Grey for that.

3. The Fashion Compliments

Your boyfriend might be gay if he gives you too many compliments in a very unmanly way. For example, instead of saying “You look beautiful,” he’ll say, “I like the way your top matches your tanned skin, and oh, your boots are so fetch.” If you hear that from your boyfriend, don’t feel glad. You might just have a gay partner.

2. The Downright Gay-bashing

Gay people hiding inside the closet are usually very vocal about their distaste and hatred for gay men. While it seems a little counterintuitive, there is a reason why they do it. Because they don’t want to be caught or be suspected that they are gay, they would cover their true identity by blatantly expressing their rage against gay men. They also tend to overdo this; thus, they become harsh gay-bashers. If your boyfriend is like that, then he might be gay. As one adage goes, the greatest homophobe is homosexual.

1. The Hot Guys on his MySpace

Check out his MySpace page. One of the most definitive signs that your boyfriend is gay is that there are some male strangers in his MySpace list of friends or contacts. If you have never seen these men or you don’t know whether they are your boyfriend’s friends in person, they might just have had their communication online. An average straight guy won’t view a profile of a man he doesn’t know personally, much less add him to his list of contacts. It’s not just MySpace; browse through his Facebook or Friendster page and see if you can find some. Or worse, research and try to find out if he has accounts in gay networking sites. You can also check your browser’s history to see if he has visited any gay adult sites on the web.